Plastic Tool Head Mounting Flange / Fits All Current Models - R980XR, R980AT, R76LT, R76ATR, R80EX, DT-50 / Also requires Plastic Tool Head (BP5150523) 
When installing tires, alloy or custom wheels can sometimes receive marring or other damage from a tire machine’s metal installation tools. The Plastic Tool Head accessory with its non-marring surface is a solution to that problem. To utilize the Plastic Tool Head, a Mounting Flange accessory is required to attach the Plastic Tool Head to. By purchasing both the Plastic Tool Head (BP5150523), and the Mounting Flange (BP5150524) accessories, then fastening the two together, your tire machine can take on most alloy and custom rims.
The plastic tool head mounting flange is used to mount the plastic tool head accessory (BP5150523) to a tire changer. 

Help protect expensive alloy wheels from marring or damage when mounting on a tire changer with the plastic tool head and mounting flange.