Cheetah 121F3000

Total Body Computerized Measuring & 4-Wheel Alignment System
This total body computerized measuring and 4-wheel alignment system by Auto-Vision measures in real-time, is fast to set up and easy to use. Measure under body, upper body, inner body, suspension parts and wheel alignment in one setup! Keep the main computer unit away from your workspace and use the portable hand-held units to easily see your measurements. With before and after print-outs, portability and accurate readings, the Auto-Vision computerized measuring and 4-wheel alignment system is perfect for any shop looking to easily improve their alignments.
Lease from $802/month
Benefits of Using the Auto-Vision:
1. Full Frame/Body Measuring:
a. Under Body
b. Upper Body
c. Inner Body
d. Suspension Parts. (Camber, Caster, and toe)
e. Does Four-Wheel Alignment
2. Prints off Before and After Diagnostic/Report
3. Side rails are mounted to Frame Rack, and the upright rails slide up and down.
a. Upright rails are removable. Which gives you the opportunity to purchase more side rails for other machines and use the same uprights for all of them.

4. Measure suspension damage which hardly any other machine can do that.
a. This really helps with the repair process. For instance you have a vehicle on the rack and you finish repairing it. But once you send it off to get an alignment and they say there is suspension damage, you have to put it back on the frame machine and fix it again. Where this measuring system eliminates that process as a whole. It will measure it, you fix it, and then you can do your alignment with it.

5. Being able to measure the upper body is very important as well.
a. This helps save time because it allows the doors and quarter panels to fit the first time, rather than having to fight with them and go back measure again.

6. Four Wheel Alignment
a. This is especially nice for using once a repair is finished. We do not recommend using this as a primary wheel alignment station because then it ties up the frame machine, which there is more money in that than wheel alignments.