Haweka HW280-400-070

Pro Expert System IV (available in 40mm shaft size only)
Lease from $119/month

Haweka HW280-400-070 Pro Expert System IV

Ultimate Centering System for all Passenger Car, Light Truck and SUV Applications

When Duo Expert Collets and OE Pro Collets for Toyota and Ford trucks are paired with Quick Plates, you get the ProExpert System…a 100% tolerance free, Supreme Centering Solution. The combination of the Duo Expert and OE Pro Collets replicating the wheel hub and the Quick Plate replicating the lug nuts ensures wheels are mounted on balancers exactly as they are on the vehicle for precision balancing.

ProExpert is the perfect system for shops looking to maximize their balancer’s potential and eliminate comebacks. Fast to use and easy to train, the ProExpert is designed to precisely balance every single 4, 5 and 6 lug passenger car, light truck and SUV wheel on the road today. Get the most out of your balancer…get premium results…get ProExpert…the Ultimate Centering System

ProExpert System IV Includes:

  • 3 Quick Plates: HW249e011 400, HW259e011 400, HW269e011 400
  • Quick Tips x 6: HW273e008 003, HW273e008 007, HW273e008 023, HW273e008 025
  • Duo Expert Kit: HW165 400 007
  • Toyota Precision Collet: HW160 400 062 (use with 003 Quick Tip )
  • Ford Precision Collet: HW160 400 060
  • Adapter Storage Tree: HW900 008 205