Haweka HW280-400-172

Pro Centering System -40mm shaft (also available in 28mm, 36mm , 38mm - HW280-XXX-172)
Lease from $107/month

Haweka HW280-400-172 Pro Centering System

Pro-Centering, Covers both Dynamic and Static balancing

Dual sided collets for the back side and Quick plate from the front side duplicating the way it is mounted on the vehicle.

Available in 28mm to 40mm shaft sizes.

Pro Centering System Includes: Shaft Size 40mm

  • 3 Quick Plates: 249e011 400, 259e011 400, 269e011 400
  • Quick Tips x 6: 273e008 003, 273e008 007, 273e008 023, 273e008 025
  • Pro Collet Kit : HW150 400 110
  • Adapter Storage Tree HW900 008 205