Mahle ACX1150

ArcticPRO® Mid-Range R134a Air Conditioning Service System

The ArcticPro ACX1150 R134a refrigerant handling system by Mahle is designed to fully recover and recharge all passenger cars, trucks and hybrid vehicles. Reduce maintenance on the ACX1150 with a long-life pump that performs a self-cleaning process after use and speed up servicing time with a high-performance vacuum pump – being 4 minutes faster than the double-capacity pump variants can really add up. Featuring automatic air purging maximizes efficiency, speed and ease of control process.  

Lease from $124/month

Mahle ArcticPRO® ACX1150 for Refrigerant R134a

Accelerated A/C service delivered to you by MAHLE Service Solutions. The ArcticPRO® ACX1150 is equipped with a high-performance vacuum pump that eliminates 4 minutes off of standard service times, resulting in happy customers and a happy shop. And to ensure maximum uptime, the vacuum pump is self-cleaning, requiring less maintenance. Controlled by a 4.3” color touch screen, the ACX1150 is easy to use for faster input, improving the response time for users in your shop.

ACX1150 is engineered with time-saving components for improved efficiency and performance.

  • Super-charged to fully recover and recharge in any climatic condition.
  • Controlled by a 4.3" color, touch screen, for faster input.
  • Equipped with an additional pressure sensor for faster air purge.
  • High-performance vacuum pump ensures faster service times, 4 minutes less than a double-capacity pump.
  • Integrated hose flushing eliminates need for additional or loose adapters.
  • Automatic dye injection detects leaks without additional UV Dye handling.

CertificationsJ2788, J2099, UL1963
Charge Performance+/- 0.5 oz. at 70° to 75° F (+/- 15g at 21° to 24° C)
Charging Cylinder26.4 lb. (12 kg) DOT
Compressor0.3598HP – 0.316kW, pressure protected, balanced start-up, oiled, hermetically sealed
DisplayB&W; 35 x 200 mm; alphanumeric
Filter-Drier Capacity150 lb. (75kg), spin-on type
Hoses9 ft. (3 m)
Hybrid FunctionIntegrated
LanguagesEnglish, French, Spanish
Operating Ranges50° - 122°F (10°-50°C)
Power Source120 VAC - 60 HZ - 12 AMP
Vacuum Pump50 L/min (1.8 CFM) dual stage
Weight187 lbs (85 kg)
Dimensions40" H x 23" W x 33" D (101.6 cm x 58 cm x 84 cm)