Mahle ACX1180

ArcticPRO® R134a High Performance Air Conditioning Service System

The ArcticPro ACX1180 R134a refrigerant handling system by Mahle is designed to fully recover and recharge in any condition. Its vacuum leak test monitors the level after evacuation and informs of any possible leaks and its automatic air purge eliminates contaminated air without monitoring gauges or opening valves. The ArcticPro ACX1180’s shock-mounted load cells ensure stable calibration and charge accuracy – a truly powerful refrigerant handling system all wrapped up in one portable ergonomic machine.   

Lease from $130/month

Mahle ArcticPRO® ACX1180 for Refrigerant R134a

ArcticPRO equipment from MAHLE offers a range of choices in A/C service equipment. All of our ArcticPRO models offer superior productivity, outstanding system performance and functionality. And when you select an ArcticPRO machine from MAHLE, you are getting the added value of an array of customer care solutions including a service network, machine introduction and training. That is why our customers are going PROfessional with our equipment.

ACX1180 consistently outperforms competitive models with the fastest service times and best recovery accuracy.

  • Fully automatic program to recover, vacuum, leak test and charge without command.
  • The industry-duty cooling fan, shock-resistant cylinder mounting, and industrial-strength weight scale ensure durability and long service.
  • On-board diagnostics that check premium high-flow capacity solenoids, transducers, compressor, vacuum pump, and calibration functions provide reliable functionality.
  • Low-side combination filter includes full capacity alert.
  • The suction accumulator protects the compressor against damage from sudden surges of liquid.
  • The oil separator removes oil from the discharge gas, stores the oil, and then returns it to the compressor's crankcase.
  • Unobstructed modular layout allows for easy maintenance.
  • Optional integral printer and refrigerant identifier available

Specifications ACX1180

  • Certifications J2788, J2099, UL1963
  • Charge Performance +/- 0.5 oz. at 70° to 75° F (+/- 15g at 21° to 24° C)
  • Charging Cylinder 30 lb. (13.6 kg) DOT
  • Compressor 3/8HP – 0.279kW, pressure protected, balanced start-up, oiled, hermetically sealed
  • Condenser Fan 218CFM Industrial-duty
  • Filter-Drier Capacity 150 lb. (75kg), spin-on type
  • Hoses 9 ft. (3 m)
  • Languages English, French, Spanish
  • Operating Ranges 50° - 122°F (10°-50°C)
  • Recycle Performance 95% at 70 to 75° F (21 to 24°C) within 30 minutes
  • Scale Accuracy (+/- 0.03 oz.)(+/- 1 gram)
  • Vacuum Pump 42 L/min (1.5 CFM) dual stage
  • Power Source 120 VAC - 60 HZ - 12 AMP
  • Weight 220 lbs (99.8 kg)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 40 in x 23 in x 33 in (101.6 cm x 58 cm x 84 cm)