Mahle ACX1180C

ArcticPRO® R134a Commercial Heavy Duty A/C 

The ArcticPro ACX1180C R134a refrigerant handling system by Mahle is designed to fully recover and recharge both gas and electric vehicles containing high voltage electric compressor A/C systems. Its 50lb internal tank gives you the capability to handle heavy-duty service and its vacuum leak test monitors the level after evacuation, informing you of any possible leaks. The ArcticPro ACX1180C’s shock-mounted load cells ensure stable calibration and charge accuracy and its on-board thermal printer allows you to store “before and after” service information for your customers. 

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Mahle ArcticPRO® ACX1180C Commercial Heavy Duty A/C Service System for Refrigerant R134a

ArcticPRO equipment from MAHLE Service Solutions offers a range of choices in A/C service equipment. With the added features for OEM-grade services, the ArcticPRO® ACX1180C adds a printer, three (3) temp sensors, a micron sensor, and it’s hybrid-certified. ArcticPRO series go beyond standards; for our customers, quality means failure-free assembly, satisfied end customers, and no product recalls — thus a strong brand. MAHLE Service Solutions is an industry leader when it comes to technical and training support. Whether our customers want on-site technical assistance in making their business more efficient or just have a question regarding our products, we’re here for them! That’s why MAHLE Service Solutions’ customers come in first place, every time.

ACX1180C is the OEM heavy duty commercial version of the ACX1180, with the same superior performance.

  • Fully-automatic program to recover, vacuum, leak test and charge without command.
  • Automatic oil drain display reminds you to empty the graduated container to show the amount of oil to replace.
  • Visual & audible alarm notifies the user when service is complete, or if a problem has occurred.
  • Vacuum leak test monitors level after evacuation, informs of possible leak.
  • Automatic air purge eliminates contaminated air without monitoring gauges or opening valves.
  • 50lb internal tank.
  • 5CFM 2-state vacuum pump defaults to 15 minutes, programmable up to 99 minutes.
  • Capable of servicing high voltage electric compressor A/C systems.
  • Integral paper printer and print to USB allows user to store "before and after" service information by vehicle to print information for the customer.
  • Micron level measurement during evacuation process.
  • Temp probes with 20' cables.
  • Factory-installed heater belt.
CertificationsJ2788, J2099, UL1963
Charge Performance+/- 0.5 oz. at 70° to 75° F (+/- 15g at 21° to 24° C)
Charging Cylinder30 lb. (13.6 kg) DOT
Compressor3/8HP – 0.279kW, pressure protected, balanced start-up, oiled, hermetically sealed
Ventilation Fan218CFM Industrial-duty
Filter-Drier Capacity150 lb. (75kg), spin-on type
Hoses9 ft. (3 m)
LanguagesEnglish, French, Spanish
Operating Ranges50° - 122°F (10°-50°C)
Recycle Performance95% at 70 to 75° F (21 to 24°C) within 30 minutes
Scale Accuracy(+/- 0.03 oz.)(+/- 1 gram)
Vacuum Pump42 L/min (1.5 CFM) dual stage
Power Source120 VAC - 60 HZ - 12 AMP
Weight220 lbs (99.8 kg)
Dimensions40" H x 23" W x 33" D (101.6 cm x 58 cm x 84 cm)