Mahle CFF-1HD

Mahle CFF-1HD FluidPRO® Multi-Fluid Filtration System

The FluidPRO® CFF-1HD Multi-Fluid Filtration System is an all-in one machine that can clean a wide variety of industrial fluids. It helps filter oil and water to minimize component wear and maximize the service life of hydraulic oil, engine oil, gear lube and transmission fluids, the CFF-1HD is versatile and  best of all -portable. The closed loop filtration process eliminates spills and contamination while extending the life of vehicle fluids to help reduce a shop’s operational costs. The CFF-1HD is ideal for on- and off-highway applications.

Lease from $256/month


  • Fast. Filters 44 quarts of engine oil in approximately 5 minutes
  • Dual Filter System. Maximizes fluid life
  • Interchangeable Filter Packs. Filters 98% of lubricants in system
  • Portable. Easy mobility for on-site or off-site use
  • Clean. Closed-loop system
  • Fully Pneumatic.  No electric connection needed
  • Automated Sampler Port. Capture a good sample every time
  • No Mess. Patented "spill-free" connection for "no-mess" operation
  • Versatile. Filter gear lube, hydraulic oil and engine oil with a single unit
  • Differential Filter Gauges. Lets you know when your filters need to be changed
  • Quick Disconnects. For fluid systems


Dimensions (H x W x D)
49 in x 26 in x 29 in
165 lbs
Air Supply
125 PSIG
Average Gallons per Minute (GPM) 
Hydraulic 8 GPM, Engine Oil 4 GPM, Gear Lube 2 GPM
Powder coated, all steel
1 Year