Ranger DST2420

Wheel Balancer


The highly accurate DST-2420 dynamic wheel balancer ensures an accurate result within hundredths of an ounce, so you can give your clients both vibration-free wheel balance every time and peace of mind they deserve. From one bay shops to high-volume tire stores, the DST-2420 is built with a gritty toughness that puts out perfectly balanced wheels day after day, around the clock. With the ability to handle wheels up to a 30” diameter, the Ranger DST-2420 is highly accurate, dependable and features the Digital Sensor Technology for critical reliability and repeatability. 

$3,070.00 $2,125.00


  • Dynamic, Static, and Performance Alloy settings
  • A multi-user save function holds presets to increase productivity
  • An ergonomic control board and easy-to-read LED display has vibrant visual cues and keypad to improve efficiency and proper balancing techniques for faster floor-to-floor times
  • A simultaneous retrieval of static, dynamic and ALU1\ALU2\ALU3 data, identifies weight placement configurations for a variety of wheel styles and designs with the simple push of a button
  • Automatic rolling wheel parameter setting feature saves valuable time and minimizes errors
  • Low RPM balancing speed and rapid six-second cycle time
  • Automatic braking
  • Gram/ounce selection and millimeter/inch selection
  • Automatic round-off with top-dead-center weight position indicator
  • Tiered weight placement indicators help identify out-of-sight position weight placement such as split-weight or hidden “behind-the-spoke” techniques
  • Manual or automatic start when hood is lowered
  • Self-calibration function
  • High-volume top weight tray and side shelf storage gives you room to inventory a wide variety of wheel weights and tools
  • Newly designed side shelf features an open-top design that accommodates Ranger Quick-Peel™ adhesive tape weight convenient bulk rolls
  • Precision-machined, hardened-steel 36 mm shaft
  • Quick-release hub nut for dramatically reduced set-up times
  • Side-position brake hold wheels at precisely 12-o’clock for proper weight placement
  • Side cone storage pegs keeps accessories readily available
  • New “open-side” hood design allows for a broader coverage of tire shapes and sizes

DST-2420 Specifications

Auto & Light Truck

Data Entry:
1.5 HP, 110V / 220V, 50 / 60 Hz, 1Ph
Working Temperature
-5°C / 27°F - 50°C / 82°F
Cycle Time
6 - 9 Seconds (avg.)
Balancing Modes
Dynamic / Static / 3-Alloy
Drive System
Belt Drive
Wheel Braking
Automatic / Electronic
Cones Included
3 Standard / 1 Truck
Max. Tire Diameter
47” (1,194 mm)
Max. Tire Weight
145 lbs. (65 kg)
Wheel Diameter Capacity
10” - 30” (254 mm - 672 mm)
Wheel Width Capacity
2” - 18” (51 mm - 457 mm)
Balancing Increments
0.25 or 0.01 oz
Balancing Speed
180 RPM
+/- 1 gram (.035 oz)
0.01 ounce, 1.4°
Shipping Weight
398 lbs. (181 kg)