Ranger R980AT

Swing Arm Tire Changer, with pneumatic help device
The R980AT tire changer, a popular alternative to the R980XR, is easy to operate, rugged and equipped with a power assist tower to help when mounting low-profile performance tires. . Featuring the latest in design and wheel service technology, it provides the best value and performance in its class of tire changers.The Ranger NextGen™ series R980AT tire changer performs masterfully on a wide variety of wheels, including virtually all OEM configurations and performance tire and wheel configurations. 
Lease from $126/month


  • Single Assist Tower
  • Inflation Gauge With Integrated Air Dump Valve
  • Inflation Pressure Regulator/Limiter
  • Water Filter
  • Oiler / Lubricator
  • Air Regulator
  • Breaker Bar
  • Rigid Fixed / Swing Arm
  • Alloy-Steel Mount/Demount Head
  • Plastic-Polymer Mount/Demount Head
  • Upper Bead Assist Roller
  • Traveling Drop-Center Hold Down Device
  • Inflation Restraint Device
  • Turbo Blast / Bead Seating
  • Tool Tray / Bin Storage
  • Motorcycle Turntable Clamps (Optional)

R980AT Specifications


Fixed Tower Design


Assist Type:
Single-Tower Assist


3 HP (220 VAC 50-60 HZ)
Drive System Type
Electric / Air
Air Requirement
140-165 PSI (10-11 BAR)
Wheel Clamping Method
4 Clamps - Internal / External
Table Clamping System
Dual Pneumatic Cylinders
Bead Breaking System
Pneumatic Blade / Dual
Tower Design
Rigid Fixed / Swing Arm
Power Assist Towers
Single Assist Tower
Bead Lifting Roller(s)
Single Lifting Roller
Bead Seating System
Turbo Blast / Bead Seating
Internal Rim Clamping Capacity
10” - 30” (254 mm - 762 mm)
External Rim Clamping Capacity
9” - 28” (229 mm - 711 mm)
Turntable Tire Width Capacity (Mounting)
4” - 18” (102 mm - 457 mm)
Bead Breaker Tire Width Capacity (Demounting)
1.5” - 16” (38 mm - 406 mm)
Maximum Tire Diameter
50” (1,270 mm)
Shipping Weight
800 lbs. (363 kg)