Ranger RS-500D

500 lb. Capacity Spray Wash Cabinet

A large cabinet size and solution tank makes the RS-500 versatile and productive. By using an octagonal full-opening door, enhanced access to the turntable to maximizes the operator’s loading capabilities. Simple operating controls, brass nozzles, a gasket-free door and a high-capacity 70-gpm pump demonstrate Ranger’s commitment to enhanced performance and productivity without a single sacrifice in quality. The cabinet and door is constructed with heavy-duty 12-gauge steel and coated with an industrial two-step primer and powder coat finish. All-around performance, durability and improved operator convenience make the RS500D the definitive choice among professionals worldwide.

$6,135.00 $5,885.00
Lease from $136/month

Ranger RS-500D Spray Wash Cabinet

Clean it better with Ranger! This powerfully versatile, 50-gallon capacity spray wash cabinet degreases even your filthiest car parts in no time flat.

If your business demands complex cleaning, you can rely on Ranger spray-wash cabinets for maximum performance, durability and ease of use. The Ranger RS-500 essentially redefines spray-wash technology by featuring an octagonal, full-opening door that delivers more access allowing operators enhanced loading capabilities. The heavy-duty, all welded, 12-gauge steel cabinet is reinforced with stiffeners to handle heavier loads and eliminate flex and vibration for greater durability. The RS-500 features a durable powder coat finish, simple operator controls, brass nozzles, a large 70-gpm pump and a gasket-free door.

All-around performance, durability and improved operator convenience helps make the RS-500 the definitive choice among professionals worldwide. Add up all of these features and you have a spray-wash system that can do more than clean parts, it can brighten your future.

Cleaning parts has never been so easy

  1. Load those filthy parts on the over-sized turntable or place them on the sturdy parts tree or hanging parts basket.
  2. Close and latch the door then set the wash-cycle timer for up to 60-minutes.
  3. As the turntable rotates at 3-RPM, the parts are blasted from all angles with hot soap and water. The solution is continuously filtered and recycled.
  4. The powerful force of the jets and the hot detergent combine to remove grease, oil, carbon and other grime in just minutes.
  5. Unload the clean parts and allow them to flash dry in seconds.


  • Overall height: 66” - 1676mm
  • Inside height: 43” - 1092mm
  • Inside width: 32” - 813mm
  • Turntable diameter: 30” - 762mm
  • Tank capacity: 53 gallons
  • Load capacity: 500 lbs. - 227kg.
  • Cycle timer: 0-60 minutes
  • Pump output: 72 psi @ 70 GPM
  • Motor: 1-HP, 230VAC, 60hz, 1 phase
  • Electric heater: 6 kilowatts
  • Water temperature: 175° Fahrenheit
  • Recommended floor space: 44” x 43” - 110mm x 108mm
  • Shipping weight: 610 lbs. / 277kg.


  • Spray nozzles: 18
  • Construction: 12 gauge welded steel
  • Large drain pipe
  • Heavy-duty rubber casters
  • Removable tank screen
  • Stainless oil skimmer
  • Friction-drive turntable system
  • Full-opening octagonal door
  • Interlocking gasket-free door
  • Small parts basket
  • Removable parts tree
  • Stainless-steel door handles
  • 20 pounds of Aluma-Klean detergent