RapidAir 90500

Master Kit

RapidAir 90500 Master Kit - Compressed Air Piping System

The RapidAir Master Kit is a compressed air piping system designed for automotive and woodworking shops, trailers or home garages. Uses flexible nylon tubing.

  • Flexible nylon tubing can be mounted behind walls or on the surface
  • Kit includes 1 manifold kit, 2 outlet kits, 100 ft. tubing

RapidAir Compressed Air Systems Components

Compressor Manifold Nylon Tubing Air Lines

The starting point for the compressed air system. Attach the supplied 3/8" NPT fitting to your air compressor regulator, jumper a piece of nylon tubing to the manifold and begin your system.



100 ft roll comes with tubing cutter

150 psi working pressure

Air Compressor oils have no effect on its performance

1/2" outside diameter

Compressed Air Outlet RapidAir Fittings

Put these aluminum outlets where you need the compressed air

1/4" NPT attaches to your quick coupling (coupling not supplied)

Comes with water condensate drain

  Simply push the tubing into the fitting until seated. Tubing can be removed by pushing on release button. Molded mounting hole makes for clean installation appearance.