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Ravaglioli G4.140RS with 305 Digital Arm

3D Diagnostic Smart Balancer

A new age wheel balancer that can diagnose the condition of the rim and tire, the RAV G4.140RS TouchSpin Diagnostic Smart Balancer features a 19” touchscreen monitor with 3D graphics, automatic LED lighting and a DC drive motor which provides more precise balancing and a longer life. The G4.140RS sports Intuitive software that will guide the operator and suggests additional operations, a built-in assistant, helping to not only speed up the process but to provide a complete balance.

Lease from $223/month

Ravaglioli G4.140RS Diagnostic Smart Balancer

The new generation wheel balancing machine with tire and wheel diagnostic capability and the industry's best laser pointer for exact tape weight location.

Tire or wheel runout condition is measured with each cycle and the data is displayed clearly on screen. Our premium software makes even complicated balancing procedures seem simple. So simple that most procedures can be completed without pushing a single button on the 4 button keypad.

This brand new model features a laser light pointer for exact placement of tape weights as well as a nifty touch screen operation. The LED lighting feature illuminates the inside of the wheel for maximum visibility.

Among its many features is automatic tape weight mode, stop on top for the external plane, and eco-weight mode.

Perfect for the discriminating workshop who is seeking a top range wheel balancer

Every Ravaglioli G4.140RS Digital Smart Balancer includes:

  • Industrial PC Powering New Graphics and Features
  • Automatic input of dimensional data
  • TouchScreen 19" Monitor with 3D Graphics.
  • Intuitive software guides the operator and suggests additional operations.
  • Automatic LED lighting illuminates the interior of the wheel.
  • Double stop on top for automatic weight position at 12 o’clock.
  • Easy hidden weight program
  • Automatic Program Selection by Data Arm
  • Printer Kit Available
  • Heavy Duty DC Drive Motor...Same as HD Models
  • Laser Pointer for Exact Tape Weight Location
  • Auto Start and Stop with Additional Foot Brake
  • Double LED Light Illuminates Inside of Wheel
  • Premium Cabinet and Weight Storage Tray
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty and Premium Support


  • Rim Diameter: 10”-30” automatic
  • Rim Width: 1.5”-22”
  • Maximum Wheel Weight: 154 lbs
  • Read-Out Accuracy: 0.035 oz
  • Cycle Time: 6 sec
  • Rotation Speed: <100rpm
  • Power Supply: 110V single phase