Ravaglioli G9156.11N with G108A12

Truck / Heavy Duty Tire Changer with extension kit
(230V / 3 phase power)

When it comes to heavy duty tire changers that can handle rim diameters of up to 90” and tire and wheels weighing up to 3,750lbs., the RAV G9156.11N with its G108A12 extension kit is second to none. Costing less than some automotive tire changers, this powerful machine is recommended for any tire professional who searches for value, high performance and unrivaled durability. 

Ravaglioli G9156.11N Heavy Duty Tire Changer

A heavy duty tire machine for farm, forestry, mining, industrial, and truck tire changing applications.

Value is the word for this heavy duty tire changer. For a very affordable cost this machine offers you everything you look for in engineering, design, quality, and peformance. It is a very capable truck tire changer and uses virtually the same clamping jaws as our world famous Pilot truck tire changer. With the included optional extension kit G108A12 this machine becomes a beast capable of easily handling 56″ rim diameters and 90″ tire diameters.

As a sign of our structural integrity notice the solid steel deck that constitutes the foundation of this sturdy machine. Look at competitor’s machines costing thousands more and notice how their deck is cut away to save on manufacturing costs. This machine weighs over 1,600 lbs and can handle a tire and wheel weighing as much as 3,750 lbs. This is no light weight!

Our hydraulic cylinders are made in our factories to our specifications. We do not out source components this critical.

The G9156.11N is recommended to any tire professional who searches for value, high performance, and real durability. It takes a lot to become a RAV machine and that is why more and more professionals around the world are turning to us for equipment solutions.

  • 220v 3PH is standard
  • 220v 1PH is optional

Features - Ravaglioli G9156.11N Heavy Duty Tire Changer

  • Maximum Rim Diameter of 43” (56” with optional G108A2)
  • Maximum Rim Width of 43”
  • Maximum Tire Diameter of 90”
  • Maximum Tire/Rim Weight of 3750 lbs.
  • Maximum Bead Breaking Force of 5845 lbs.
  • Minimum Center Hole Diameter of 4”
  • Solid Steel Deck for Added Strength
  • Lever Type Controls on Swivel Arm
  • Manual Tool Rotation with Quick Unlocking Device
  • Handles both Tube Type and Tubeless Tires
  • Good Choice for Truck and Light Truck Tires
  • 230 Volt 3 phase Drive Motor (optional converter to with Single Phase power is available)


  • Chucking unit rotation motor: 3 hp
  • Hydraulic drive unit motor: 2 hp
  • Rim: 11”-43”
  • Rim with G108A2 (optional): 11”-56”
  • Maximum Wheel: 90.2”
  • Maximum Allowed Wheel Width: 43”