Ravaglioli GRS-926 Roadside

Mobile Truck Tire Changer

Take to the road with the GRS-926 Roadside Mobile Tire Changer. Perfect for changing heavy duty tires roadside, in parking lots or at a customer’s location, the GRS-926 is a retractable, mounted and easy to use solution for mobile applications. Featuring fast cycle times and the ability to change sizes up to 17.5” and 19.5” as well as light truck combinations, the GRS-926 is the perfect solution for a well-engineered, mobile heavy-duty tire changer. 

Ravaglioli GRS-926 Roadside Mobile Truck Tire Changer

This retractable mobile truck tire changing machine is based on our GRS-926 design and can be mounted in your van, service truck, or trailer. Automate your mobile services by taking the tire changer to the jobsite. Change tires efficiently on trucks and light trucks roadside, in parking lots, or at the customer’s location.

All the benefits of the GRS-926 are also included with the RoadSide model:

  • Fast cycle times
  • Tubeless and tube-type combinations
  • Steel and alloy rims
  • Standard and Wide Based
  • 17.5 and 19.5 Super Duty
  • Some agricultural applications possible
  • Reduces risk of bead damage
  • Reduces risk of workplace accidents
  • Lowers risk of workmen’s compensation claims
  • Much less costly than manpower
  • Protects the health and well being of your workforce
  • Handles most light truck combinations as well

Automate your onsite service vehicles with our mobile alignment, mobile balancing, and mobile tire changing solutions.

    Features - GRS-926 RoadSide Tire Changer

    • Handles rim diameters from 14" to 27"
    • No experience required to efficiently learn operation.
    • Changes 22.5 or 24.5 assemblies in 75 seconds (mount and demount)
    • Safely and quickly changes wide based super singles
    • Light Truck combinations with wheel center holes as small as 4".
    • Robust construction with weight of over 900 lbs.
    • Made to last for years to come under medium volume.
    • Simple to use and maintain
    • Ravaglioli premium support with every unit


    • Chucking unit rotation motor: 1.1 hp
    • Hydraulic drive unit motor: 2 hp
    • 220V 3 Phase
    • Rim: 14”-27”
    • Maximum Wheel: 51”
    • Maximum Allowed Wheel Width: 37.4”