Ravaglioli GTB-16EVO

Truck & Bus Tire Changer

The most qualified heavy-duty truck and bus tire changer available on the world market, the GTB-16EVO is not your generic heavy-duty tire changer. No more lifting heavy tire and wheel combinations - simply roll them to the machine and press a button. One press of the button clamps the wheel and tire and one more will lift it off the floor to a desirable working height. Vertically orientated, the GTB-16EVO has an extremely small footprint, allowing you to free up precious floor space for better efficiency and productivity.

Lease from $517/month

The GTB16EVO is a one-of-a-kind. It is equipped with four rollers with a unique form, positioned on the two sides of the wheel in diametrically opposite positions.

With this system, the dismounting of the tire with bead breakers is very simple and natural, while the anterior bead breakers keep the bead in the drop center and the posterior ones continue their course until the dismounting is complete. 

  • Tube-type combinations
  • Steel and alloy rims
  • Standard and Wide Based
  • 17.5 and 19.5 Super Duty
  • Reduces risk of bead damage
  • Reduces risk of workplace accidents
  • Lowers risk of workmen’s compensation claims
  • The only automated solution for mounted wheel programs Much less costly than manpower
  • Protects the health and well being of your workforce
  • Handles most light truck combinations as well
  • Industrial quality design and construction
  • Unique Bead Saver Arm
Technical Data GTB16EVO
Max. Rim Diameter27" (686mm)
Min. Rim Diameter14" (356mm)
Gear Box Motor3 HP
Max Dia. Center Hole11 1/2" (288 mm)
Min. Dia. Center Hole3 1/2" (85 mm)
Power Supply220V - 1 or 3 Phase
Rotating Speed10 RPM