Ravaglioli GTL2.120H

2D Standard Truck Balancer

The GTL2.120H Standard Heavy Duty Truck Balancer is designed, engineered and built to a standard of high quality. This workhorse is perfect for basic balancing needs like a large fleet application where balancing 22.5” wheels day in and day out is the norm. This machine uses the same pneumatic wheel lift as the other top of the line machines by RAV, and is equipped with a powerful DC drive motor. Car and light truck software is included and with proper mounting adapters, the GTL2.120H can easily balance those as well.  

Ravaglioli GTL2.120H Standard HD Truck Balancer

This rugged truck wheel balancing machine is a workhorse with standard digital display and integrated pneumatic lift.

The GTL2 offers the same precision and rugged reliability as the GTL4 series. The drive system is also DC powered and the integrated wheel lift used for the GTL4 is also featured on the GTL2. This more basic machine uses a smaller monochrome LCD display and the entry of data is manual through the keypad. This lower cost machine is also very adept at balancing smaller wheels such as automotive and light trucks.

A high quality balancer with more basic features and an attractive cost.

Features - GTL2.120H Standard HD Truck Balancer

  • Deluxe HD software for trucks, cars, and light trucks
  • Auxiliary air actuated brake system
  • Simple 5 button key pad
  • Keypad entry of distance and diameter
  • Standard with integrated pneumatic wheel lift
  • Standard with Budd medium duty cone, backing spacer, and wingnut
  • Automotive accessories including lug mount kits available
  • Light truck and one ton accessories including lug mount kits available
  • Medium duty truck lug mount kits available
  • Rim diameter: 10-26" automatic/larger sizes entered thru keypad
  • Rim width: 1.5"-22" automatic/larger sizes entered thru keypad
  • Max tire/wheel weight: 440 lbs.
  • Degree of accuracy: Within 1 gram
  • Rotation speed: 80 rpm for truck/100 rpm for car
  • Power supply: 110v 1ph (converted to 24vDC)