Ravaglioli TD2.0 WIFI CCD Wheel Aligner / 96S Clamps

Ravaglioli SmartAligner with 96/S No-Runout 3 Point Clamps & Drop-Down Adapters for Using with Two-Post Lift (STDA 154)
A Game Changing New Alignment System!


Lease from $488/month

Simple…efficient…powerful and innovative. This new concept in wheel alignment communicates using your Wi-Fi. It stores neatly out of the way and takes zero shop floor space. You will be able to use this system all over the workshop taking advantage of every bay. Align the vehicle where it sits using existing two post lifts.  This is a game changing new product.

  • Alignment Lift Rack NOT Required- Can be used with existing two post lifts without tables!
  • No space required: The ultimate in portability and versatility
  • Simple: Tablet based and PC free!
  • TestDrive Feature: See steering wheel position BEFORE you TESTDRIVE.

What Makes It Better?

  • Tablet Based - No PC and Windows issues / Tablet uses magnets to attach to lift as you adjust / Tablet is operated by touch or included stylus
  • Wireless communication thru WIFI / fast and reliable
  • New Software - user friendly / very fast and easy / high-end features
  • No specialized alignment lift required - use with existing 2-posts (without stands) / use on floor or parking lot / works well with all lift racks as well 
  • New TestDrive feature - software calculates probable steering wheel position before you finish the alignment
  • Adjust by Sound Feature - if the tablet is near simply Adjust by Sound and the beeps change in pitch and frequency as you near target specification
  • Takes up ZERO floor space - No cabinet and no tower / available with  wall storage boards to keep everything off the floor
  • Paper or Paper-less Reports - use Teq-Link feature to export/email PDF report files to customer or connect to WIFI printer
  • Ultimate in Portability - new state of the art CCD sensor heads are extremely durable and weigh less than 5 lbs / tablet can be carried in one hand and fastened to lift magnetically
  • Amazing Versatility and Capabilities - Clamps accommodate rims up to 24" diameter /Sensors can measure around tires up to 34" diameter / Wheelbase lengths up to 22' / Passenger cars, light trucks, one-tons, super-duties, dual wheeled trucks, sports cars and exotics
  • Self-Calibration - can be done in minutes with optional calibration device
  • Upgrading Databases and Software - system prompts operator when upgrades are available and can be done quickly by internet / alignment specs, VIN data and alignment software all upgraded together / Complete database upgrades are available for $775 with free updates for 90 days following
  • Optional DataLogic Scan Tool - vehicle VIN barcode can be scanned