Star-A-Liner 9012600

Star-A-Liner Truck Rack / 60' / 14-Tower

The Star-A-Liner series of heavy-duty truck frame racks offer unrivaled pulling power by easily tackling even the largest trucks and busses. This 60ft. 14-tower frame rack makes collision repair on heavy-duty equipment a cinch and can accommodate almost anything you can put on its 60ft. bed. With 360 degrees of pulling power and 10 feet of working height, the Star-A-Liner HD-60 is fast, easy and most importantly precise.

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Star-A-Liner HD-60 Specifications:

Length of Bed (top):
60 ft. (1,829 cm)
Number of Towers:
Length with Towers Extended:
66 ft. 6.25 in. (2,028 cm)
Width of Bed:
102 in. (259 cm)
Width with Towers Extended:
201.5 in. (512 cm)
Width of Treadway:
36 in. (91 cm)
Overall Height:
11 ft. 8.50 in. (357 cm)
Tower Height:
10 ft. (305 cm)
Working Height:
26 in. (66 cm)
Power Required for Hydraulics:
110V 15 amp
Pulling Power, Hydraulics:
25 ton (23 metric ton)
Pulling Chain Diameter:
.625 in. (16 mm)
Pulling Radius:
360 Degrees