TubeShark ISC-TSTA-2-P1

Tube pkg includes : 2" OD x 8" R, 1.75" OD x 6" R, 1.5" OD x 6" R, 1.25" OD x 5", and combo 1" & .875" x4" R

This TubeShark® Tube Bending Die Package includes 5 complete die sets in popular sizes with each set including a radius die, forming shoe and feed shoe. Featuring a 2” outside diameter x 8” radius, 1.75” outside diameter x 6” radius, 1.5” outside diameter x 6” radius, 1.25” outside diameter x 5” radius and 1” and .875” combo outside diameter x 4” radius – this die package will cover most of your tube bending needs easily and with the utmost precision. 

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TubeShark TSTA-2-P1 Tube Bending Die Package

Package includes five Complete Die Sets in popular sizes. Each Complete Die Set includes a Radius Die, a Forming Shoe, and a Feed Shoe. 

Tube Bending Die Sets included are as follows: 

2" Outside Diameter x 8" Radius

1.75" Outside Diameter x 6" Radius

1.5" Outside Diameter x 6" Radius

1.25" Outside Diameter x 5" Radius

1" & .875" Combo Outside Diameter x 4" Radius