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Limited time only! Sale Ends November 30th, 2018.

Its that time of year again and Babco is proud to present the Annual Chicago Pneumatic Rotary Screw Compressor Sales Event.

All Chicago Pneumatic® rotary screw air compressors are currently 5% off and if that isn't enough incentive - we are also including a 1 year maintenance kit valued at $500 for FREE!

Time is limited though, so contact one of our friendly sales representatives before November 30th, 2018 to secure these prices.

These compressors are engineered for high performance, efficiency and reliability and can meet all of the compressed air demands of a tire shop, maintenance shop, auto-body and paint shop or dealership. With it's whisper quiet design, the QRS line of compressors can be installed almost anywhere, and is offered with an optional mounted dryer (with tank mounting option only.)

These rugged rotary screw air compressors are perfect for automotive and industrial applications and will save valuable floor space while providing a continuous supply of quality compressed air.

All CP rotary screw compressors are 100% factory tested to ensure that they will stand the test of time, live up to their reliability and provide you with peace-of-mind in knowing that you have purchased one of the most rugged and well-engineered compressors on the market today. Contact us today to receive your 5% off as well as your FREE 1 year maintenance kit valued at $500.

CP Rotary Screw Compressor Sale Event  

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Sale Price

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CP QRS 3.0HP-1-TM$5,110$4,8555%$255
CP QRS 3.0HPD-1-TM$6,725$6,3855%$340
CP QRS 5.0HP-1-TM$5,800$5,5155%$285
CP QRS 5.0HPD-1-TM$7,480$7,1055%$375
CP QRS 7.5HP-1-TM$7,435$7,0655%$370
CP QRS 7.5HPD-1-TM$7,975$7,5755%$400
CP QRS 7.5HPD-3-TM$7,650$7,2755%$375
CP QRS 10HP-TM$8,430$7,9955%$435
CP QRS 10HPD-TM$10,670$10,1355%$535
CP QRS 15HP-TM$9,210$8,7505%$460
CP QRS 15HPD-TM$11,600$11,0255%$575
CP QRS 20HP-TM$13,530$12,7596%$771
CP QRS 20HPD-TM$17,750$16,8355%$915
CP QRS 25HP-TM$14,750$13,8956%$855
CP QRS 25HPD-TM$19,000$18,0455%$955
CP QRS 30HP-TM$15,735$14,8556%$880
CP QRS 30HPD-TM$20,200$19,1355%$1,065