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The Autostacker

Sleek, good-looking and with the strength to lift up to 6,000 lbs. the Autostacker is the perfect lift for your home garage.

Boasting a fully redesigned structure different than it’s 2 or 4 post counterparts, this looker is safe, powerful and yields a small footprint for when space is at a premium. Instantly double the available parking space in your home garage.

If you have a two-door garage, Autostacker clears the way for whatever you may want to put in that other half. Your imagination is all that’s holding you back! Parking lifts are a small investment compared to excavations and full-on home expansions.

Indoor parking garage, car storage, home garages, outdoor parking lots, you name it - Autostacker will feel right at home wherever it resides.

6,000-lb. Lifting Capacity

When you make Autostacker your home parking lift, you get enough storage capacity to lift most cars.

Low-Profile Entry Ramp

One super-low-profile deck is gently inclined to permit safe, easy clearance for low-stance vehicles.

Interlocking Galvanized Platform

A hot-dipped, zinc-coated platform lasts many years and protects the bottom vehicle from fluid drips.

Automatic Safety Locks

All locks engage continuously as the parkking lift rises past five heights for versatile positioning.