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BendPak Two-Post Vehicle Lifts

Babco is proud to be the only authorized Canadian distributor to BendPak and have been for over 25 years. We know you demand uncompromising quality from productive machines that maximize lift time and get the job done safely, and that's why we stand behind BendPak's two-post lifts - they deliver on the promise of superior performance and build quality.

BendPak's two-post lifts are respected around the world for their top-notch craftsmanship, forward-looking technology and feature-rich designs. There's no secret as to why automotive service pros as well as home garage wrenchers have been raving about BendPak auto lifts for years.

If this is your first BendPak purchase, you're about to find out what sets them so high above the rest. If you have any questions, please email us at info@babco.ca or check out our frequently asked questions page for more info.

Telescoping Swing Arms

Two post lifts can cater to a wide range of shapes and sizes but the telescoping swing-arms are tailor made for either symmetric or asymmetric designs. Also available, are low-profile arms to lift sports cars and other low-stance vehicles.

Lifting Capacity

Lift capacity is only one thing to consider when buying a lift. BendPak offers increased reliability and versatility, in addition to impressive lifting capacity. Each lift comes in different widths and heights - each suited for different needs and space requirements

A Lift For Every Job

No matter what you need, a BendPak two-post lift can get it done right and with safety at the top of mind. From the lighter-duty 9,000-lb. and 10,000-lb. to the higher capacity car and truck lifts - you get the same quality, certified structure.

It's All In The Details

The range of two-post lifts is quite extensive and can be somewhat daunting to find just the right one without some research first. That is why Babco is the go-to leader in lift knowledge, sales, service and installation. We know what will work for you and what won't.