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Mahle Mobile Column Lifts

Sold in sets of 2, 4, 6 or 8, Mahle's patented Gray Wireless Portable Lift System improves a shop’s safety, productivity and flexibility. The wireless lift system family (CML-7, CML-9& CML-9W) is perfect for raising a wide variety of vehicles allowing technicians to safely and efficiently complete preventative maintenance tasks to major component repair.

With 12” forks supporting wheel diameters from 5” to 24.5”, the CML line of mobile column lifts support a wide range of wheel diversities. Coupled with the ability to lift up to 148,000-lbs., the Mahle mobile column lifts can make short work of almost anything you can throw on it - easily and effortlessly. Perfect for commercial fleet applications or heavy-duty shops looking to save floor-space by utilizing the mobility of these lifts, the Mahle Mobile Column Lifts are a worthwhile investment.



Patented Wireless Smart Lift Technology
Save precious floor-space by utlizing mobile technology by bringing the lifts to the vehicles needing repair or maintenance.


Table based touch screen with on-board manuals, videos and internet.

Everything you need to get up and running quickly and safely.

Broad Application:

Capable of lifting heavy-duty through to light-duty vehicles.

The Mahle mobile column lifts can carry up to 143,000-lbs. Perfect for commercial fleet maintenance and transit companies.


24 Volt DC system

A 24 Volt DC system is used across all of the CML series of Mobile Column Lifts.

Mahle Mobile Column Lifts:

Feature Comparison




CertificationALI CertifiedALI CertifiedALI Certified
Capacity (Each)14,000 lb (6,350 kg)19,000 lb (8,165 kg)19,000 lb (8,165 kg)
Max. Hydraulic Operating Pressure2,180 psi (15 MPa)2,600 psi (17.9 MPa)2,600 psi (17.9 MPa)
Min/Max Wheel Diameter5 in / 24.5 in (127 mm / 622 mm)5 in / 24.5 in (127 mm / 622 mm)4 in (102 mm) - No Max
Min(2)/Max(4) Lift Height32 in / 69 in (813 mm / 1,753 mm)32 in / 69 in (813 mm / 1,753 mm)32 in / 69 in (813 mm / 1,753 mm)
Lift Speed (Max.Load)60 in / min (1,524 mm/min)60 in / min (1,524 mm/min)60 in / min (1,524 mm/min)
Weight1,485 lb (674 kg)1,510 lb (685 kg)1,575 lb (714 kg)
Height88.5 in (2,248 mm)88.5 in (2,248 mm)88.5 in (2,248 mm)
Height At Full Lift157.13 in (3,991 mm)157.13 in (3,991 mm)157.13 in (3,991 mm)
Operating Peak Power4 HP (3 kW)4 HP (3 kW)4 HP (3 kW)
Operating Voltage24 VDC Nominal24 VDC Nominal24 VDC Nominal
Charger Voltage Required70-130 VAC @50-60 Hz70-130 VAC @50-60 Hz70-130 VAC @50-60 Hz