Introducing The New Lineup of Ranger Wheel Service Machines

Breeze through the busy changeover to summer tire season with these new machines

We've stocked up on Ranger Tire Changers and Wheel Balancers to get you through the busy summer tire season and have added a couple new machines that are sure to help get your customers through your shop faster! While we still carry our best-selling staples like the R980AT and the R76ATR, we've added the R80EX tilt back with dual assist towers and the RV1 touchless tire changer to deal with high end wheels and rims.

For wheel balancers, we still carry the same huge selection but have added the amazing LS43B wheel balancer with 3D entry (auto entry) equipped with laser-spot technology offering laser accuracy measurements that eliminate guesswork and speed up weighting placements. Contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff today to discuss how our new wheel servicing lineup can help not only speed up productivity in your shop, but eliminate come-backs and increase repeat customers.

Ranger RV1: Touchless Tire Changer

Don't worry about damaging expensive high-end wheels and rims with the all new Ranger RV1 touchless tire changer. Breaking beads and swapping out tires faster than virtually any other design on the market, the RV1 eliminates the manual hassle of tire changing with its revolutionary touchless design.

Designed to work on all wheel types without damaging the rim or requiring toolbars, bead locks or tire levers, the Ranger RV1 is the perfect solution for busy tire shops looking to increase turnaround time. Prevent workplace injuries with an integrated wheel lift and tackle larger jobs with an expanded service range of 13′ - 30′ rim diameters. A revolutionary tire changer that is sure to be a staple in most shops.

R80EX: Tilt Back / Dual-Tower Assist

Changing tires is simple with the Ranger R80EX which features a dual-assist, tilt-back tower design which helps in reducing operator fatigue while increasing safety. Perfect for busy tire shops, the R80EX is a real time-saver with it's multi-profile travelling drop-center tool, top bead assist rollers, dual lower bead lifting discs and a nylon non-marring wheel restraint, leaving the "heavy-lifting" to the machine and not the operator.

Sporting a large 34′ capacity turntable with adjustable hardened-steel RimGuard™ wheel clamps that solidify your ability to service any wheel that rolls into your shop, the R80EX tire changer is the must-have machine for any shop looking for a workhorse that can handle round-the-clock use and abuse while dramatically speeding up their servicing times.

Ranger LS43B: 3D Quick-Touch™ Laser-Spot™ Wheel Balancer

It's hard to fully explain just how awesome a laser assisted wheel balancer is compared to the regular ones. You will never want to go back after seeing just how accurate wheel balancing has become - we're talking hundredths of an ounce! -That is huge.

Help make your customer vehicles drive like new again with the power of the laser assisted LS43B tire changer sporting an average 7 second cycle time, making this one of the fastest floor-to-floor balancing machines ever built. Eliminate guesswork out of balances with laser-spot technology and save even more time with its automatic wheel data entry. The Ranger LS43B wheel balancer is set to be one of the greatest assets to any shop.