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Check out the ultimate Ranger lineup of quality tire changers and wheel balancers

Our selection of Ranger Tire Changers and Wheel Balancers are reliable, efficient and well-built, making the Ranger wheel service equipment a fine addition to any shop or home garage.

Ranger DST30P

The DST30P Wheel Balancer features incredibly fast floor-to-floor times and calibrates the minimal weight adjustment for a perfect balance—in just six seconds flat. Accurately and efficiently, this wheel balancer is the perfect addition for any shop looking to up their balance game with a reliable and fully capable machine.

Ranger LS43B

The Ranger LS43B laser wheel balancer optimizes wheel weight placements with exclusive Laser-Spot™ technology. Laser lines clearly indicate outboard and inboard weight placements for incredible balances within hundredths of an ounce. Wheels that are laser-balanced drive like new!

Ranger R980XR

Each R980XR tire changer features the latest in design and wheel service technology, providing the best value and performance in its class. The powerful motor and gearbox work systematically at a controlled speed for easy tire removal and installation. Ergonomic controls are sensibly placed to minimize excessive reaching on this machine.

Ranger R980AT

The R980AT tire changer, a popular alternative to the R980XR, is easy to operate, rugged and equipped with a power assist tower to help when mounting low-profile performance tires. . Featuring the latest in design and wheel service technology, it provides the best value and performance in its class of tire changers.

Ranger R76ATR

The R76ATR is an advanced tilt-tower tire changer that performs masterfully on a wide variety of wheels, including OEM and performance tire and wheel configurations that allow operators to match turntable rotational speed and torque with varied tire and wheel combinations. You really can't go wrong with Ranger's R76ATR for your shop.

Ranger R76LT

The Ranger R76LT tire changer performs masterfully on a wide variety of wheels, including OEM configurations. Featuring ergonomic controls, a tilt-back tower design, advanced clamp positioning and so much more. This professional-grade Ranger R76LT is a tilt-tower machine and another well engineered tire changer from Ranger.

Ranger R80EX

The R80EX tire changer features a dual-assist, tilt-back tower design, so it's outfitted with the industry's best and most powerful tools. With the R80EX, you get the classic, rugged reliability Ranger is known for, plus dozens of standard features standard on this model. Great for the shop looking up productivity.