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RapidAir Compressed Air Delivery Systems

RapidAir Tubing | Home & Small Shop Compressed Air Piping System:

Imagine running compressed air lines exactly where you want them in your shop or home garage. Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate the need to drag tangled hoses around your shop? With the RapidAir Compressed Air Piping Systems you can run compressed air anywhere you like easily and effortlessly. RapidAir is a complete compressed air distribution system that is designed to easily install beneath walls of new construction or onto surfaces of existing workshops and best of all – it’s easy to install with no special tools required. Install your new system in an afternoon.

MaxLine Compressed Air Delivery Systems

Maxline Tubing | Industrial & Commercial Compressed Air Piping System:

For commercial and industrial compressed air piping applications, the Maxline series provides unmatched ease of installation while being highly cost effective. The Maxline master kit includes everything necessary for an industrial air piping system: (3) Air Outlets, 100 Ft 3/4 “ Tubing, Tools (2)Tees, (1) ¾ MNPT Straight, (20) Clips. Easy to install, easily modifiable – even after installation.