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American Freedom GT 9014232

American Freedom GT Rack / 22' / 2-Tower

The American Freedom GT is a 22’ frame rack able to perform structural repairs with speed and precision and with exceptional quality. Fully capable of handling a wide array of vehicles due to it’s ability to lower to just 12 inches and raise all the way to 42 inches, the GT is the perfect asset to any shop looking to up their frame-pulling game. With its 12,000-lb. lifting capacity, enabling shop owners to pull almost anything, the AF GT 22’ frame rack is quality engineered and technician-friendly enough to make it transform your shop in to a production powerhouse, able to cut your repair times and get more vehicles through your doors.

Lease from $1073/month

American Freedom GT 22’ Frame Rack

The American Freedom frame machine provides everything you need to examine and repair vehicles efficiently and safely, and in turn, increase productivity. 

The GT 22' frame rack features a 92" wide platform and 12,000-lb. lifting capacity to accommodate wider and heavier vehicles. Being able to go as low as 12 inches all the way to 42 inches gives the American Freedom GT 22' frame rack an edge over the competition by offering to pull a wide array of different vehicle sizes all on one machine. American built and quality-assured, you can't go wrong with this money-maker.

  • 92” wide bed
  • 12,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • Works great for unibody vehicles up to crew cab long box duallys
  • Weighs roughly 11,000-lbs.
  • Hydraulic Pump: 552S

American Freedom GT 22' Specifications:

Length of Bed (top):
22 ft. (671 cm)
Width of Bed:
92 in. (234 cm)
Width with Towers Extended:
12 ft. 6 in.
Width of Treadway:
28.5 in. (72 cm)
Width Between Treadways:
35.5 in. (98 cm)
Overall Height:
9 ft. 11 in. (302 cm)
Working Height:
12 in. - 42 in.
Power Required:
120V / 20 amp
10 ton
Lift Capacity:
12,000 - lbs.