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Concrete Specifications

Concrete Specifications:

2-Post Lifts     

Concrete Requirements

10,000-lb. Models4" min. Thickness / 3,000 PSI
12,000-lb. Models6" min. Thickness / 3,000 PSI
15,000-lb. Models6" min. Thickness / 3,000 PSI
18,000-lb. Models8" min. Thickness / 3,000 PSI

4-Post Lifts

Concrete Requirements

9,000-lb. Models3.5" Min. Thickness / 2,500 PSI
14,000-lb. Models4" Min. Thickness / 3,000 PSI
18,000-lb. - 27,000-lb. Models4" Min. Thickness / 2,500 PSI
35,000-lb. - 40,000-lb. Models5" Min. Thickness / 2,500 PSI

Customer Responsibilities:

It is the customer's responsibility to unload the freight at their location. Refer to Terms & Conditions on website or contact your Babco Sales Representative.
It is also the customers responsibility to ensure all hoist specifications, including ceiling height, length and width meet their requirements. For lifts where Babco is providing installation, customer is responsible for ensuring the concrete floor meets the requirements per the Installation Manual, and that no power or water lines run beneath the floor where equipment is to be installed.