Shipping And Delivery

Freight policy

When we issue a Quote for equipment, it will include any delivery charges applicable to your location. Most locations in Canada include free delivery, but some are subject to a rural freight surcharge.
Certain items may be purchased online, including parts, accessories and some shop equipment. These items are subject to freight which will be calculated on checkout.

When Can I Expect Delivery?

We try to keep stock of all popular items and they usually ship no later than the next business day. You must then allow transit time to your location of an additional 2-6 business days. Where items are non-stocking or we are out of product, we will provide you with an estimated shipping date. Babco will provide you with a tracking number for your shipment once the product is shipped.

Unloading Your Shipment


The statement above says it all. Your shipment is heavy, and it will arrive on a large commercial truck. Generally, a forklift or something similar is required to unload. Some shipments, such as tire machines, wheel balancers, spray wash cabinets, compressors, and motorcycle lifts can be offloaded with a power tailgate on the truck, but this requires scheduling prior to delivery and extra charges. If you are picking up your shipment at the trucking terminal, they will load the equipment onto your truck or trailer. Please discuss your plans for delivery with your Babco representative, during the ordering process, to ensure no surprises and extra costs. For additional information on Accessorial Charges, please click here.

Inspecting Your Shipment


Your shipment is generally via LTL (less than truckload) service. As your shipment moves from our warehouse to its destination, it will be placed with other freight that is bound for the same area. It is important to realize that your shipment may be handled several times as it and other freight is often loaded on and off different trucks en-route to a destination. Please note that Babco has no control over the shipment once it leaves our warehouse and we cannot be held responsible for shipping damage(s) and/or lost package(s) once they leave our facilities.

What You Need To Do

For items that are shipped in enclosed wooden or cardboard crates, such as wheel balancers and tire changers, a thorough inspection of the crate for damage will be sufficient. If the crate is at all punctured, then you need to open it up and do a careful inspection of the actual equipment for damage.
For lifts, start with an inspection of the packaging. Any obvious damage to this will let you target in on possible damage to the actual equipment. You should carefully cut away the packaging… lengthwise down one side… and expose the lift. Do a thorough inspection for concealed damage. You must inspect the bottom of the lift as this is a common area where damage occurs. You can do this while the lift is being unloaded/loaded on the forklift in most cases. The image below shows a lift that has a bent runway.

This damage can only be found by stripping away the packaging and by inspecting the underside. If you don’t do this, and you sign the Bill of Lading, the freight carrier is very unlikely to do anything for you.

BABCO cannot do anything for you. You will be on the hook to repair or replace the damaged part. We can’t say it enough… do a thorough inspection!

Also, for most models, the power unit will be strapped to the top of the lift (except Dannmar in which case power unit is stuffed inside) … make sure the box is in good condition or break open and inspect. The shipping companies will sometimes cut-off the power unit box, so they can load other freight on top of the lift. Please ensure you receive it as these are very expensive.

Make sure you have a camera or smart phone with you to take pictures. We would appreciate it if you send us a couple pictures of your shipment when it arrives… including, as is almost all of the time, when they arrive in good condition. This helps us monitor the freight company’s performance, but it is also a feel good for all of us at Babco. Send pictures to if you get a chance.

A detailed inspection will take maybe 5 minutes but must absolutely be done to protect yourself

Some of the truck drivers may be grumpy or impatient, but that’s life. If you have any uncertainty, please immediately call us at 800-661-5313 for assistance. If you are not going to be the individual on site to receive the goods, please ensure this information is provided to the appropriate person.

Signing the Bill of Lading is your acknowledgement to the carrier that you have received ALL OF THE GOODS on the BILL OF LADING and that they were ALL RECEIVED IN GOOD CONDITION.

If any of the goods noted on the Bill of Lading are missing or damaged, outside of normal handling abrasions and marks (see below), you should not accept them until the carrier makes a notation on the freight bill of the shorted or implied damaged. Remember… you absolutely must take pictures of damage. Please refer to section “FINDING DAMAGE/LOSS AFTER EQUIPMENT RECEIVED & SIGNED FOR” below for procedures to file a Claim with the carrier where significant damage / shortage was noted on inspection.

Normal Shipping and Handling abrasions

Although we do our best to package your shipment to minimize damage, minor scratches and abrasions due to normal transportation and handling are expected. DO NOT refuse your shipment if you observe minor scratches or abrasions similar to those shown in the photos below. You will be responsible for round-trip freight charges if your claim for damage is denied. Touch-up paint is provided with each lift and is available on request for all other equipment. Some examples of minor shipping damage are shown below.



Our experience is that if a carrier has that signed Bill of Lading, it is next to impossible to get any payout on a claim. This is the reason it is vital to take the time and do a thorough inspection immediately on receipt, before the Bill of Lading is signed.

Having said that, if significant damage is discovered after receipt or if you noted the damage during your inspection and noted it on the Bill of Lading, you need to contact the carrier and request an inspection within 48 hours. If the carrier is unable to do so, prepare a signed statement to the effect that you have notified the carrier (on a specific date) and that the carrier has failed to comply with your request (name of person you talk to, date and time of the conversation). File your claim with the carrier promptly and support your claim with a cargo loss and damage claim form, copies of the bill of lading, freight bill, product invoice, photographs, and inspection claim given to you by inspector after inspection is done. Note that Babco’s willingness to assist in helping you process your claim does not make Babco responsible for collection of claims or replacement of lost or damaged materials.

Missing or incorrect products or parts

These situations are rare but do happen. Any instance of this must be reported to Babco within 30 days of receipt of your order. Missing or incorrect products/parts from shipments will not be replaced if they are reported more than 30 days beyond the receipt of order.