Cheetah 9011200

20' Series Frame Rack / Two-Tower / Air-Hydraulic

The Cheetah 20-Series Frame Rack is a 20ft, rugged, simple to operate frame-puller and able to fit in most cramped quarters of an autobody shop due to its rectangular form. With 360 degrees of pulling radius and 10 tons of hydraulic pulling-power, this sturdy and reliable machine can pull almost anything you can throw at it. 

Lease from $650/month

Cheetah 20' Frame Rack

Designed for unibody cars up to full-size, four door & heavy-duty dually trucks, the Cheetah Series 20' frame rack by Star-A-Liner is made to handle even the most difficult alignment jobs you can throw at it. 

With 10-ton pulling capacity on each tower (additional towers available for purchase) and with the tower bases being offset to allow for the towers to be closer together - the Cheetah 20' frame rack handles most jobs with ease. Quality-built, the top plates are crafted out of 5/16" steel and is entirely laser-cut for precision.

This machine has a 92-inch wide bed, weighs approximately 6,500-lbs. and stands at 8' 6".

  • Designed for unibody cars up to full size, crew cab dually trucks
  • 5 year warranty on frame rack.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Cheetah® 20' Frame Rack Specifications:

Length of Bed (top):
20 ft. (610 cm)
Length with Towers Extended:
25 ft. 10 in. (787 cm)
Width of Bed:
92 in. (234 cm)
Width with Towers Extended:
14 ft. (427 cm)
Width of Treadway:
28 in. (71 cm)
Width Between Treadway:
36 in. (91 cm)
Overall Height:
8 ft. 6 in. (259 cm)
Tower Height:
6 ft. 8 in. (203 cm)
Working Height:
24 in. (61 cm)
6560 lbs. ( 2975 kg)
Power Required for Hydraulics:
100 psi air (6.89 bar)
Pulling Power, Hydraulics:
10 ton (9 metric ton)
Pulling Radius:
360 Degrees