It's the Chicago Pnuematic Canada Day Sales Event!

Sale Ends July 15th! Order now as stock is limited.

Right now at Babco we have some amazing deals on Chicago Pneumatic compressors from wall mounted and hand-carry units to rotary screw, gas powered and reciprocating compressors now unitl July 15th! Remember that stock is limited and we will be shipping early July!

Reciprocating Compressor Deals

A reciprocating compressor or piston compressor is the traditional compressor found in most shops. It is a positive-displacement compressor that uses pistons driven by a crankshaft to deliver air at high pressure and is perfect for when you need high pressure on an 'on-demand' basis.

Rotary Screw Compressor Deals

A rotary screw air compressor functions at a contant air flow, meaning they are on all the time. These air compressors are better for shops who need a steady supply of compressed air at all times. Usually quieter than the reciprocating compressors, these come in an array of models with various horsepower and optional air dryers.

Wall Mounted Deals

This wall mounted compressor by Chicago Pneumatic is the perfect solution for your small business or residence. With 130 PSI, you have plenty of punch to get your projects done quickly and easily. The units are oil-free so no risk of contaminated air. .

Hand-Carry Deals

Powerful, durable and best of all compact, the HCP 2040 hand carry compressor is part of the newest line of portable air compressors from Chicago Pneumatic.