Ranger Target 3D Pro

Ranger 3DP4100R

The Target 3DPro™ features a graphic display that is used along with high-definition cameras to provide visual and directional assistance. This latest wheel aligner design features a streamlined appearance that eliminates a larger computer in favor of an ultra-fast Windows® 10 Mini PC Stick - Intel® Atom Quad Core CPU.

Increase your bottom-line revenue while eliminating come-backs and customer complaints thanks to the Target 3DPro™.

Do more wheel alignments in less time compared to conventional systems! This wheel aligner is perfect for wheel service repair shops handling a high volume of wheel alignments, especially those who would like to see a dramatic increase in profits. Expand your service efficiency by utilizing the ProSpec® feedback, which assists technicians in diagnosing problems so your customers leave happy and informed.

Babco specializes in supplying quality, top-of-the-line products that we know our customers will not only appreciate, but rave about. Contact us today to discuss adding one (or two) of these amazingly fast and accurate wheel aligners in your shop.