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Keep Your Customers Cool this Season

Summer is coming and if there's one thing you can count on it's the heat and the steady stream of customers needing A/C servicing on their cars, trucks and hybrids. Easily recover, vacuum, leak test and charge air conditioners quickly and confidently with our selection of powerful Mahle A/C service machines.

With a selection of both R134A and 1234YF refrigerant systems, we have everything you need to get your customers in and out of your shop quickly and with minimum turnaround time. Equipped with cost-saving features and sporting superior system performance, the ArcticPro® series of A/C service machines are easy to use and blazingly fast with some models sporting a self-cleaning vacuum pump that requires less maintenance while reducing the standard service time by four minutes!

Speed up productivity and lower wait times with the ArcticPRO® series of A/C service machines just in time for the busy summer season.