Ravaglioli 8-Liner (TD5080WS)

No More Pushing, Pulling or Raising Of The Vehicle!

You don’t need to strain your back by pushing or pulling a vehicle to get an accurate wheel alignment reading anymore. With the Rav 8-Liner’s tower-free design, you can wheel this powerfully accurate machine to the vehicle and not have to worry about interrupting camera sensor beams – saving you the hassle and wasted time of redoing countless alignments. Not only that, the Rav 8-Liner can be used on any four-post liftyes you read that right. Perfect for small and medium shops, this portable wheel aligner can convert your existing 4-post lift into an alignment lift by utilizing the included set of premium turn-plates. Now you can offer wheel alignment services to your customers without extra equipment and save precious floorspace with the Rav 8-Liner’s tower-free design – a win-win for you, your shop and your customers.