Treat Yourself this Holiday Season to a BendPak Lift

You know you deserve it...

With so much going on this time of year, many of us like to get away from it all; some go down south where it's warm, while others retreat into their heated garage or man-cave - and we at Babco belong to the latter variety.
We see a lot of lifts each year and are constantly impressed by the specs of these machines. It seems that every new model refines and improves upon the last, making the choice for the perfect lift that much harder - this is why we've created the Guide For Choosing A Car Lift

Our customers know that using a vehicle lift for automotive work or storage in their home garage is an affordable way to increase productivity and safety while working on your projects. At Babco, we stand by (and stand under) the lifts we sell and we're proud to say that every lift we sell exceeds government regulations - so our customers can be assured of many years of safe and trouble-free operation.

Nothing compares to having your own high-quality, professional grade vehicle lift in the comfort of your own home garage. Just check out some of our case studies and customer setups if you don't believe us. Our vehicle hoists for the home ranging from 2-post lifts, 4-post lifts, pad lifts and storage lifts are giving homeowners across Canada the ability to work on their vehicles in the comfort of their homes. Some customers use them for displaying and storing their shiny pride and joys, while others use them for storing toys like ATV's and snowmobiles, essentially decluttering their garage by utilizing the lifts for storage. Click on the red chat button to speak to a Babco lift specialist instantly, who can answer any questions you may have, or email us at to get started on the road to owning the perfect lift for your home.

A Few More Great Choices For The Home Garage

BendPak SP-7XLF

The BendPak SP-7XLF has all the lifting height of a two-post lift without the columns that take up precious space.

BendPak GP-7LCS

Able to be installed in virtually every garage on the planet, this lift still offers an impressive 58" rise.

BendPak Autostacker PL-6SR

Ideal for home garages, this fully collapsible parking lift doubles the vehicle capacity of a single parking space.

Handy Links For The Home Garage Hobbyist

If You Have Any Questions About Lifts - You'll Find The Answers Here

Rolling Bridge Jacks

Turn your 4-Post lift into a full-service car lift. Each frame-engaging jack lifts one-half of your car, two will raise all four wheels off the runway for easy wheel service. With 7 models to choose from, guaranteed we have the right bridge jack for your vehicle lift.

Frame Cradle Pads

When lifting a heavy vehicle such as a truck onto a 2-post lift, reduce the chances of slippage with the BendPak frame cradle pads to keep the frame firmly between the lips while the treaded rubber mats protect the finish.

Caster Set

Mobilize your BendPak HD-7 and HD-9 series four-post lifts with this high-quality caster kit. Move your lift around your garage and avoid inconvenient teardown and re-assembly time.

Drip Trays

Protect your vehicle and garage flooring with these lightweight, cost-effective solution to drips. These drip trays will catch harmful fluids and keep them in one place. Sold in sets of two.

Adapter Pins

Maximize your rise height to accomodate higher truck frames with our adapter sets to ensure that your 2-post is always up for the challenge.

Aluminum Deck Platform

The optional aluminum deck makes every BendPak HD-7 and HD-9 series four-post lift even more versatile. It adds full-width flooring for upper-level storage and fluid protection for vehicles parked underneath.