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BendPak 4-Post Vehicle Lifts

A BendPak four-post lift uses the best construction, material and technology. It also has the best safety features in the industry. Favored by professionals and DIY'ers alike, these four-post lifts are some of the most versatile in existence. They're totally optimized for greater capacity and better performance, improving safety and control during use. They also feature advanced hydraulic systems for better productivity and a longer lifespan. This is even true when used for the most demanding, heavy-duty applications.

Each four-post lift is perfect for vehicle storage and service, whether you’re working at the shop or your home garage. With so many options to choose from, we are sure to have a vehicle lift for your needs. Starting at the HD-7 with a lifting capacity of 7,000lbs. all the way up to the HDS-40 with a massive lifting capacity of 40,000lbs.

We at Babco know our lifts and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Email us at or check out our frequently asked questions section for more info.

Lifting & Parking

Convenience, reliability and safety come standard in a four-post BendPak lift. Maintain your vehicles with ease and save some precious space with our wide selection of affordable four-post vehicle lifts.

No Job is too Small

BendPak four-post lifts come in a variety of lifting capacities from 7,000lbs. all the way to a whopping 40,000lbs and everything in between. Safetly lifting large vehicles is easier than ever. Oh the possibilities

Get The Real Thing

There are a lot of cheap lifts out there. Cheaply priced, cheaply made and cheap-looking too. With one of these, you know something is going to break and cause downtime plus the cost of repairs. Don't do that.

It's All In The Name

Off-brand, uncertified lifts don’t belong in a garage full of nice things. BendPak is the real deal, trusted and loved in the industry. Babco is not shy about showing off the BendPak name to our clients and you won’t be, either.