Peak 408-P

8,000 lb. Capacity / 110V ETL Power Unit / Includes Drip Trays / Anchor Bolts 

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82.87" Height, 105.62" Width, 207.25" Length

The 8,000-lb. capacity 408-P four-post lift is a true space-saving powerhouse. The perfect service lift for shops with limited floor space or home garages, the 408-P requires no special foundation or complicated installation. About the size of a typical parking space, this lift doubles nicely as a residential / commercial parking lift. 

$4,195.00 $3,785.00
Lease from $98/month


  • 8,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • Hidden safety locks and manual single-point release
  • Double-"S" shaped columns increase column strength
  • Commercial double safety locks
  • Skid proof diamond platform
  • Steel drive up ramps included
  • Four steel stops come standard
  • Optional jack tray (1pc), caster kit (4 pcs)
  • Fully portable with optional caster kit